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Historical Artifacts: Cartes-de-visite

Cartes-de-visite—pocket-sized, card-mounted photographs—were widely collected and shared in the mid-1800s. Members of Congress took advantage of this affordable trend, using the little cards for campaigning, and creating a personal connection with constituents.

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Charles Thompson Carte-de-visite Charles Thompson Carte-de-visite
Clement Vallandigham Carte-de-visite Clement Vallandigham Carte-de-visite
David Seymour Carte-de-visite David Seymour Carte-de-visite
George Loring Carte-de-visite George Loring Carte-de-visite
Horace Clark Carte-de-visite Horace Clark Carte-de-visite
John Carlisle Carte-de-visite John Carlisle Carte-de-visite
John Fellows Carte-de-visite John Fellows Carte-de-visite
John Winthrop Chanler Carte-de-Visite John Winthrop Chanler Carte-de-Visite
Jonas Emrie Carte-de-visite Jonas Emrie Carte-de-visite
Levi Parsons Morton Carte-de-Visite Levi Parsons Morton Carte-de-Visite