Prominent Americans Who Served in the Old Hall of the House

Among the thousands of citizens who entered the Hall of the House as Members of Congress were some who rose to the position of Speaker of the House. Others served as President or Supreme Court Justice. All of these luminaries are listed below. The nine men who were elected President are commemorated in Statuary Hall by brass plaques that mark the spots where their desks stood.

Speakers of the House

Member (and State)House Service by Congress
Henry Clay (KY)12th–16th; 18th–19th
Philip P. Barbour (VA)13th–21st
John W. Taylor (NY)16th–22nd
Andrew Stevenson (VA) 17th–23nd
James K. Polk (TN) 19th–25th
John Bell (TN) 20th–26th
John W. Davis (IN) 24th; 26th; 28th–29th
John W. Jones (VA) 24th–28th
John White (KY) 24th–28th
Robert M. T. Hunter (VA)25th–29th
Robert C. Winthrop (MA) 26th–30th
Howell Cobb (GA) 28th–34th
James L. Orr (SC) 31st–35th
Linn Boyd (KY) 32nd–33rd
Galusha A. Grow (PA) 32nd–37th; 53rd–57th
Nathaniel P. Banks (MA) 33rd–35th; 39th–42nd; 44th–
45th; 51st
Schuyler Colfax (IN) 34th–40th

House Members Who Became President or Presidential Nominees

Member (and State)House Service by Congress
William Henry Harrison (OH) 6th; 14th–15th
Daniel Webster (NH) 13th–14th; 18th–20th
John Tyler (VA) 14th–16th
James Buchanan (PA) 17th–21st
James K. Polk (TN) 19th–25th
John Bell (TN) 20th–26th
John Quincy Adams (MA) 22nd–30th
Millard Fillmore (NY) 23rd; 25th–27th
Franklin Pierce (TN) 23rd–24th
Stephen Douglas (IL) 28th–29th
Andrew Johnson (TN) 28th–32nd
Abraham Lincoln (IL) 30th
 John Breckinridge (KY) 32nd–33rd

House Members Who Became Members of the Supreme Court

Member (and State)House Service by Congress
Philip P. Barbour (KY) 13th–18th; 20th–21st
Henry Baldwin (PA) 15th–17th
James M. Wayne (GA) 21st–24th
John McKinley (AL) 23rd
Nathan Clifford (ME) 26th–27th
William Strong (PA) 30th–31st