Plan Your Trip

Teaching Tip

Contact your Member before coming to the Capitol. As a class, draft a set of questions for your Member or congressional staffer to learn more about life on Capitol Hill.

Teaching Tip

Hold a mock hearing or debate about a current event before visiting the Capitol. Schedule time to watch a House hearing or debate on your trip and ask your students to compare and contrast their experience with what they witnessed in the House.

Access resources that will help you plan a trip to the U.S. Capitol. Learn how to make the most of your time to help students get a first-hand look at how the House of Representatives works. Before your trip to the Capitol, review this Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) page for information on hours, how to book tours, tips for visiting, and a list of answers for frequently asked questions.

Find Your Representative or Delegate

Locate the name of your Representative or Delegate. Tours of the Capitol can be booked through the CVC or your Representative or Delegate.

House Schedule and Committee Hearings

View the House schedule and calendar for the current session before your trip to the Capitol. When the House is in session you can obtain gallery passes from your Member’s office to visit the chamber and watch the proceedings. If time permits, arrange for your students to attend a House hearing. Make sure to contact individual committees for information on attending hearings and to confirm the schedule. Get more information on the history of House Committees before your visit.

House Proceedings

Introduce your students to the inner workings of the House by watching floor proceedings and debate. Live streaming and on-demand video access of House proceedings are available through the Clerk of the House.

Meet the People of the People’s House

The House of Representatives is the only branch of federal government elected directly by the citizens of the United States since its founding in 1789. Use searchable profiles and historic lists to discover more about former and current Members of the House—as well as information on the officials who have served the institution.