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63rd Congress (1913–1915)

Congressional Profile

Total Membership:

  • 435 Representatives
  • 2 Delegates
  • 3 Resident Commissioners

Party Divisions:*

  • 291 Democrats
  • 134 Republicans
  • 9 Progressives
  • 1 Independent

*Party division totals are based on election day results.

James Beauchamp (Champ) Clark/tiles/non-collection/s/speaker_clark_2005_16_36_1.xml Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
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Congress Overview

Democrats controlled the 63rd Congress (1913–1915) after sweeping the 1912 elections. President Woodrow Wilson implemented a long-held belief that the executive should be the nation’s legislative leader. He revived the original practice of addressing Congress in person and shepherded major legislation to passage: tariff and anti-trust reform, the creation of the Federal Reserve System, and the establishment of the Federal Trade Commission. The outbreak of World War I in Europe, though, threatened the future of reform.

Historical Highlights


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Member Information

  • Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress, (1774–2005), Official Annotated Membership Roster by State with Vacancy and Special Election Information for the 63rd Congress. [PDF]
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Leadership & Officers

Speaker of the House:
James Beauchamp Clark (D–Missouri)
Majority Leader:
Oscar W. Underwood (D–Alabama)
Minority Leader:
James R. Mann (R–Illinois)
Democratic Whip:
Thomas M. Bell (D–Georgia)
Republican Whip:
Charles H. Burke (R–South Dakota)
Democratic Caucus Chairman:
A. Mitchell Palmer (D–Pennsylvania)
Republican Conference Chairman:
William S. Greene (R–Massachusetts)
Clerk of the House:
South Trimble
Sergeant at Arms:
Charles F. Riddell
Robert B. Gordon 1
Chaplain of the House:
Henry N. Couden – Universalist
Joseph J. Sinnott
William M. Dunbar
Clerk at the Speaker's Table:
Bennett C. Clark

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1Elected April 7, 1913